The Nostalgic Burrito

Today has been the perfect fall day. A hoodie, fuzzy shoes and binging on Sister Wives on Netflix. I’m also looking forward to 19 Kids and Counting and What Not To Wear marathons in the near future. The last time I watched those shows regularly was when I was in college, and cable was a given in the dorms. Of course, back then, there were “only” 17 Duggar kids. WHAT.

I’ve also been watching this part of Enchanted on repeat:

It speaks to me because it perfectly sums up my relationship with Henry Cavill. I mean, he doesn’t know it, but that just makes our love story all the more beautifully tragic.

I have also engorged on candy, Cherry Coke and pizza, and even though I should be having 64 ounces of water for dinner to flush it all out, I just got back from a Chipotle run. I think what I’m trying to say is that I miss eating like I’m in college, even though that was so seven years ago.

I also miss my old place. Most of my stuff is in storage. I sleep on the spare twin-sized bed in my mom’s “Spare ‘Oom.” All I have in this house is my TV, dresser and clothes. More than many people have, I know, and I’m not complaining. I just miss hanging out in my own house, surrounded by my own things, my preciouses.

One of the reasons for my Chipotle run was that Once Upon a Time was on tonight. When I lived alone, and even before my last roommate moved out, I/we would often grab Chipotle and hunker down with OUAT, which I desperately used to try to fill the Lost-sized hole in my heart. It’s silly, but it was a comforting routine, one I looked forward to every week. So basically, I bought a nostalgic burrito because I miss my couch.

Nostalgic burrito

Make your own Nostalgic Burrito: White rice, peppers and onions, steak, tomato/mild salsa, a little bit of corn, and cheese. If I’m feeling feisty, I’ll add guac, chips and/or salsa on the side.

What are your favorite TV rituals?

Just to set the story straight, no one asked me to sing Chipotle’s praises. It’s just that good, and my gushing is unsolicited.
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One thought on “The Nostalgic Burrito

  1. Those were the days when there were only 17 Duggars… Unfortunately, I'm a little older than you and I can remember when there were just 12!

    We're watching Once Upon a Time straight up and in Wonderland, Agents of the Shield, New Girl, and Boardwalk Empire this fall. We enjoy fast forwarding commercials and closed captions. If I were to eat a burrito past 6pm I would probably die.

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