Nutella Toast with Strawberries

Listen. This is not a rocket science recipe. It’s barely even a recipe; more like a feeble attempt to health-ify Nutella (anything whose first ingredient is sugar needs some justification). But if you love Nutella and strawberries, here’s an idea to jazz up your breakfast or snack, or for those nights where you don’t really feel like eating a dinner dinner, y’know?

You will need:

One or two slices of bread, depending on how hungry you are
Some strawberries, chopped

Toast the slice(s) of bread to desired darkness
Spread Nutella
Scatter chopped strawberries atop Nutella
Chomp and enjoy!

Now about this photo. Part of me feels obligated to apologize for its poor quality. Another part of me is like, “Meh, we can’t all be photographers.” The best I can do is make sure there’s enough light (even if it means I have to put the photo subject in some wonky places) and remember the rule of thirds when I can. I know I said not to do everything half-baked, but a corollary to that would be, “It’s OK to not be an expert at everything.” In fact, if you try to master every single task, you will be mediocre at all and excellent at none. I’ve wasted time comparing myself negatively to bigger and better and prettier and well-photographed blogs out there… only to realize that I’m me, not them. And I’m come to terms with the fact that me is not a professional photographer, and me’s OK with doing the best I can. 😉

So be brave, non-photographers! Post your crappy camera phone pics, your slightly blurry photos, your not-enough-light subjects. They’re your memories to enjoy… so enjoy them!

Keep Calm and eat Nutella toast with strawberries.

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2 thoughts on “Nutella Toast with Strawberries

  1. That sounds awesome! I'm also a fan of the banana+Nutella combo. Have you been to Chez Elle in KC? They have a strawberry-banana-Nutella crepe… delish!

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