TV Saturday: Climb every mountain

You guys. What did I do before the internet? How did I – or any of us, be honest – survive for so long without the glories of Netflix and the wonders of Hulu? It is magic, I tell you, to be able to not have to watch a show when it originally airs and catch up on my own timetable. Translation: spend an entire afternoon on the couch watching new-to-you TV.

Now I know some of you are all, “Um, hi, there is this thing called TiVo. It is not new.” Yes, I am aware of TiVos and DVRs. However, I have never been on the cable bandwagon, except for those two glorious years in college where cable was part of the deal in the dorms and I watched nothing but What Not To Wear and 17 Kids and Counting (I am aware the number of children has risen in the last few years but at the time, there were only – yes, only – 17). Clearly, I put my education dollars to good use.

Back in the real world, I couldn’t justify spending $957 per month on cable because I watch a lot of TV but I most certainly do not watch 957 dollars’ worth. So instead I cobble together a tailored TV package using my wits, antenna TV (yes, it is still a thing), Netflix and Hulu Plus.


Here is how I’ve spent my Saturday:

1. Watching the extra-long and extra-special episode of The Office from earlier this week (“Living the Dream,” aired 5/2/13). Jim and Pam engage in some thinly-veiled innuendo and my heart went pitter-pat when Jim went back to calling Pam “Beesly.” He told David Wallace that nothing was worth almost losing Pam and delivers the bad news to Darryl, that he can’t do his Fancy New Job without losing Pam, and he chooses Pam. Things are finally looking up for our heroes! Elsewhere, Angela finally admits her true feelings about Dwight, Andy flip-flops on his dream (and poo-poos on his boss’s car, as people do) and Dwight has finally arrived – his wildest dream, to become manager of a Northeastern Pennsylvania-based mid-sized paper company, has finally come true! Dorky as Dwight is, I found his enthusiasm strangely endearing. Hooray for dreams realized!

2. Finishing the last half of this week’s Glee (“It’s a Wonder-ful Life,” aired 5/2/13), which, like The Office, was all about going after your dreams. Artie waffled about going away to film school, but Kitty butted in, forcing Artie to admit to his mom that he doesn’t want to go because his mom doesn’t want him to go he’s too scared to go because NYC isn’t accessible he feels selfish leaving his mom. Mama Artie, however, was quick to point out that’s exactly what she wants – for him fly, baby, fly and practically ordered him to go chase his dream. Artie does an adorable wheelchair dance and all is well with the world. Rachel stresses out about her Funny Girl callback and Mean Teacher seems like she is going to bust Rachel’s chops for it, but instead she plans a rousing number to cheer Rachel on. D’awwwww. Does anyone see this arc not ending with Rachel as Fanny Brice? No, no we do not. Hooray for dreams chased!

3. Engorging myself on Lost. It’s cold and dreary today, which is obviously to be expected in May, and the absolute perfect weather for reliving some of the most mind-bending, nerve-wracking and heartbreaking cinematic demonstration of storytelling. I thought I’d just watch an episode or two and call it good, but six hours later, we’re still on the island. It happens. There are still some of you out there who have never seen Lost (what is wrong with you?) and there are just certain plot twists that shouldn’t be spoiled, so please forgive me for being this vague when the show has been over for, oh, three years, but I forgot how many episodes it took Charlie to (SPOILER ALERT). The whole arc, though? Brilliant. That run-on sentence there? A thing of beauty.

What do you have queued up? Why aren’t you watching Lost? Let’s be friends and watch it together, k?

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