Well, hey there, friends. Real Talk: I am annoyed when bloggers are like, “I am SO SORRY I have not been blogging! Here is a list of valid reasons why I have not been here!” As if our joy is dependent on their words. Please. Get over yourself.

All of that to say, as a disclaimer, I am keenly aware (and utterly relieved) that your joy is not dependent on my words, yet I am seized by an inexplicable obligation to explain my absence (yes, I should get over myself):

1) I moved.
1a) Moving is stressful.
1b) My computer has decided it does not like the internet anymore.
1c) First world problems, I already know this, thanks.

2a) See 1c above.
2b) I am sorry my life is shallow, but without new episodes of The Office, there is no TV Thursday to create, or any handy pop culture references at the ready.

The silver lining is that it has been so long since my last TV Thursday post that we still haven’t discussed the Downton Abbey finale. And I am not even going to worry about issuing a spoiler alert because it is so 19 days ago. And all I really have to say is: Dan Stevens, you are dead to me. (See what I did there?) I don’t even know if I can watch season 4, I am so upset. Two family members in seven weeks is too much, Julian. TOO. MUCH.

And on Once Upon a Time this week (OK, I lied, I guess something was on), Mrs. Patmore made a guest appearance, but sadly, she, too, was a goner by episode’s end. The Downton Abbey cast just cannot catch a break.

In other news, I am totally back on the Glee bandwagon. It is cheesy and campy and ridiculous but you can’t choose who you love (Blaine will back me up on this). I’m still a little out of the loop as I work my way through this season on Hulu while also trying to keep up with last night’s episode (Santana FTW), but I will prevail!

What are you watching? Any House of Cards fans out there? I got through one episode but I just can’t handle it while finishing The West Wing. One politically overwhelming show at a time, please!

Maybe my next blog post will be about something real, but thankfully, Hell’s Kitchen starts on Tuesday so that may not be necessary. Stay tuned.

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