TV Thursday (on Friday): Absolutely, I do

Well. This has been an emotional week in television. First, there was the Downton Abbey debacle. 30 Rock ended its seven-year run and Pam and Jim are BREAKING MY HEART. This makes me nervous to watch anything else this evening. Except for maybe Shark Tank. I can always count on Mark Cuban to lighten things up.

The Office (“Junior Salesman”/”Vandalism,” aired 1/31/13)
The Office this week was really two separate episodes, but since when do I compartmentalize my life this way? In my heart, it was one hour-long episode.

First of all, JIM. I do not even know who you are anymore. What is happening? Has Philly turned Jim into a jerk? Have the writers set out to prove to us loyal viewers that no one – not even Mr. Halpert – is as perfect as they appear to be? I want the old receptionist-loving, Dwight-pranking, even-keeled, everybody’s-best-friend Jim back.

Also, PAM and JIM. Are they stupid? I mean really are they stupid? For a couple who is normally so ON THE BALL, WHY has neither one of them said, “Well, dang. This is not working. Either Jim, you need to reconsider  your dream job and move back here, or Pam, you need to pack up the kids and move to Philly.” How hard is this? Personally, I don’t understand why all the Halperts don’t move to Philadelphia. Over the years, I’ve felt in my heart that Jim would outgrow Dunder Mifflin and find his own way. I just assumed Pam would be along for the ride and now that she isn’t, my world is in chaos. CHAOS.

I am curiouser and curiouser about who handles the camera. Notice when Jim said something like, “Where you are matters,” the camera pans to Brian the Homewrecker gazing longingly at Pam. Camera man (woman?) knows what’s up!

Second of all, who else is loving Dwight this season? I mean, I love him all the seasons, but he is just extra Dwight-y this year. I’m also loving watching him and Pam’s relationship transition to something less like foes and more like friends. Or at least really close acquaintances. Pam: “Hey Dwight, want to help me haze the new guy?” Dwight: “Absolutely, I do.” DYING.

30 Rock (“Hogcock”/”Last Lunch,” aired 1/31/2013)
Where do we even start with this? All the guest stars? Jenna’s hilarious names for the writers? Kenneth’s apparent immortality? There were too many great moments to count; but here are some that will stick with me:

Jack trying to tell Liz he loves her – in a truly platonic, we’re just friends way. How much do we love this, you guys? Outside of, say, Grey’s Anatomy, you don’t often hear characters profess friendly love for each other.

On that note, Liz’s completely honest good-bye to Tracy was spot on (and was about the point where I started tearing up), and I was relieved to see that at least some of it didn’t come true in the “one year later” blurb at the end.

Tracy spelling his name for Kenneth’s assistant made me laugh tears of joy. There is no way that was not a nod to another NBC comedy, a little show by the name of Friends. By the time Tracy got to “a,” (“as in the Fonzie noise”), I was thinking about Phoebe, whose name, of course, is spelled P as in Phoebe, H as in HeeBee, O as in Oebe, E as in Ebee, B as in Bebe and E as in ‘ello there, mate! It was like a nice little hug from the NBC family.

Liz Lemon finally getting her life together. One of my co-workers and I were discussing today that we wished she had ended up with Floyd. I like Criss and all, but the age difference skeeves me out a little. “Criss, shoes and socks!” Things you should never have to say to your husband. But a husband she has nevertheless, and two kids! Two for you, Liz Lemon. You go, Liz Lemon.

Honorable Mentions:
New Girl: Go Team Nick and Jess!
The Mindy Project: Mindy, you are so awkward. And my favorite.
Nashville: Why were you a rerun this week? And why did I watch you anyway? You’re a train wreck, but by golly, you’re my train wreck.

What did you watch this week? Are you as worried about Jim and Pam as I am?

Happy Weekend, friends, and watch wisely!

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