TV “Thursday”: Love is a battlefield

Look. I know I said TV Thursday and lately it’s been posting on Friday, which negates the purpose of calling it TV Thursday in the first place, but TV Friday doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, so let’s just all indulge our inner hipster and embrace the irony of TV Thursday on Friday.

Blue Bloods (“Inside Jobs,” aired 1-31-13)/The Mindy Project (“Harry and Mindy,” aired 2-5-13)
In a nutshell: I had a cold last week. Things are a little fuzzy is what I’m trying to say.

I’m pretty sure I watched Blue Bloods last week, but all I remember is Danny telling a perp to call him by his first name, Detective. I was just dorky enough to LOLZ at that.

Also, in a brilliant display of crossover action, I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear the pairing of “Jamie and Lucy” on The Mindy Project this week. First of all, Mindy, thanks for bringing “Lucy” back into the mainstream. Second of all, thanks for reading this post and giving me a shout out, BFF.

(just let me have my dreams, kthanx).

Downton Abbey (Season 3, Episode 5, Aired 2-3-13)
In a nutshell: I would like to live in Julian Fellowes’ world, where everything is resolved overnight.  

I was a little bummed that Cora and Robert made up so easily. Gosh, that makes me sound like I like pain, but for storytelling purposes, I would have preferred to see their mounting tension last at least another episode or two. As it is, they seem to be calling a truce for now.

I almost feel sorry for Robert now. His family is ganging up on him, precisely, as Mary said, because everything is changing and he refuses to let go. While I’m frustrated that he is not getting with the program and being the earl I know he can be, I get it. I don’t handle change well, either, and with his daughter’s passing, not one, but two new sons-in-law, religious differences (to say the least) with one of them and financial concerns with the other and a bitter wife on his hands, how is he still standing upright, really? He had a plan for his life, this earl of ours, and it is crumbling.

Matthew, on the other hand, is making me nervous. After Sybil died last week, I mentally reviewed the moments leading up to her death – Dr. Annoying declaring her the perfect picture of health, the two doctors arguing, Sybil taking a moment during labor to express her wishes to her mother and sister – and thought, How did I not see this coming? So Matthew’s declaration that he will love Mary until the last breath leaves his body has me a little on edge.

Do you guys read the Downton Abbey Facebook Recaps? They are hilair, and this week’s sums up my feelings about Daisy precisely:

Smash (Season 2, Episode 1, Aired 2-5-13)
In a nutshell: They keep calling their musical “Bombshell.” I want to call their show, “It Bombed.”

I didn’t come into this until the second hour, and I gave up on the show after the first few episodes last year, so I’m a little lost. But since when has that ever stopped me from sharing an opinion? Some observations:

1) I tuned in just in time to see some girl turn Derek down, informing him that girls only go out with him because he’s in a position of power, not because they actually like him. BOOM, ROASTED.
2) I forgot all about my favorite love-to-hate characters: Julia’s Scarves!
3) Smash is just too dark and twisty for me. Look, theater is supposed to be about illusion; I don’t really want to know what goes on behind the scenes. This show-within-a-show schtick only works with comedies. See: 30 Rock vs. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The Office (“Couple’s Discount,” aired 2-7-13)
In a nutshell: Andy’s hair makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

PAM AND JIM FINALLY. “I don’t think you should go. And I think we should fight.” That’s twu wuv right there. But first OH MY HEART when they were walking across the parking lot and Jim said he was mad at Pam but he didn’t know why. The wounded look on his face made me want to be all, It’s OK, John Krasinski, I will take care of you. I’m a giver, ya know? But then two seconds later, I was like wait a minute, JIM, you have been kind of a jerk so you have no right. NO RIGHT. Also I want to slap Brian across his pretty little face. He was clearly hoping to drive a wedge between our favorite couple (uh, mission? ACCOMPLISHED, but not for long) and I’ve decided he must be one of those idiots Dwight is always talking about.

ERIN. ANDY. PETE. I just noticed Pete looks like a young Andy. No? Just me? I am usually merely mildly amused at best by Erin’s subplots, but this one had my attention the whole episode. From her waffling over Andy to planting one on Pete to accidentally announcing Andy’s three-month absence to David Wallace, Ellie Kemper played her bit perfectly tonight.

It just might be my new favorite episode.

(Dis)Honorable Mention
Glee: I tuned in for the last 30 minutes, just as Kurt was singing “Bring Him Home.” Then Rachel opened her mouth and ruined Les Miz for me. Thanks for that.

Happy Weekend, my friends, and fight wisely.

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