Cold 2.0, now with more coughing!

OK, the post title is misleading because it implies I’m on my second round of a cold, when in reality, it’s been the same cold for about a week now. I just really wanted to use the phrase, “now with more coughing!” But srsly, lungs. Calm down.

While I’ve been cooped up, I’ve exhausted the Netflix. Mostly more episodes of The West Wing (if you are wondering when I am ever going to finish this show, the answer is apparently never) and clearing out some movies from the queue. Between Aaron Sorkin’s meandering monologues and emotionally charged speeches from Legends of the Fall (which I just saw for the first time. I’m only 18 years late to the party), I’ve been obsessed with words. How we say them, who we say them to, why we choose the phrases we do.

Maybe I’m just hopped up on cough suppressant, but this has led me to ruminate further on the way I talk, even to myself. For instance, I’ve found myself grumbling more than once lately: “I’d rather rest, but noooo. I have to put the dishes away,” “I have to get my oil changed. It’s so expensive, grrrr,” or “I have to answer all these emails, it’s so overwhelming.” In those cases, “have” is just another way to complain.

Then I thought, what if I changed my “have”s to “get”s? I get to put my dishes away – from the dishwasher that keeps me from having to scrub by hand. I get to have my oil changed – that’s not something I could do myself! And I get to reply to emails – some from friends, some for my volunteer work, and all for good reasons.

I tried this out a little bit today – I get to climb out of my warm bed to go to work! I get to take readily-available medicine to help me bear the last legs of this cold! I get to come home and start packing up! OK, that last one was a bit of a stretch. I’m still working on finding the joy in packing. 😉 But even a simple change in verb is starting to change my perspective. Life is a gift that we get to live.

What do you get to do?

Have a lovely week, and speak wisely.

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