TV Thursday: An offer you can’t refuse

After last week’s post, I’ve made a decision. Yes, it’s unofficial! I’ve decided to try a regular feature called TV Thursday! It’s pretty much what it sounds like, except it’s possible that it may sometimes appear as, say, TV Saturday Afternoon or TV Monday Night, or that I’ll post it super late on Thursday so that it might as well just be TV Friday!

I’m strict that way.

Here’s what I watched this week – are you watching too?

Blue Bloods (“Framed,” aired 1/18/13)
In a nutshell: Danny gets arrested and Lucy needs some Xanax to recover.

I am way too invested in this show. I spent most of the hour mumbling, “I am so stressed out.” I’m talking wide eyes, hands pressed to my forehead, worrying about who would take care of Linda and the boys once Danny was put away for life. I really thought that was going to happen, you guys, after the Reagan family insisted on a hands-off approach to Danny’s predicament to avoid any appearance of nepotism.

I was mildly annoyed with the way the family handled telling Linda that Danny has been arrested. A family meeting? Really? Why didn’t Frank just quietly take Linda aside and explain the situation? Does everything require an intense discussion around the dinner table? Do they all get together to discuss new china patterns? Is there a Reg-signal they flash into the sky when it’s time for a pow-wow?

Also, after Frank, Erin and Grandpa try to explain to Linda why they can’t do anything, Jamie pipes in with, “This is the way it has to be, Linda.” OH RLY, Jamie? I didn’t see you worrying about boundaries when Danny told your sarge to go ahead and send IA after him if they had a problem with him helping you after you shot and killed that guy a couple weeks ago. See, I’m so flustered I can’t even come up with a smoother sentence than that.

But those Reagans are sneaky. Grandpa enlisted Erin’s ex-husband (nice (?) to meet you, Jack) to represent Danny. Jamie rattled some cages at the Polish bakery. Frank and Erin put two and two together and sent Frank’s deputy to throw some helpful hints Danny’s partner’s way, which ultimately led to Danny walking free. See, Linda, and you were worried. Psh.

Once Upon a Time (“The Outsider,” aired 1/20/13)
In a nutshell: Dr. Whale gets a backstory, Gold tries to make out with Belle and The Bass Player makes an entrance.

This was more of a setup episode, wasn’t it? We meet Greg, make sure Belle has really lost her memory, and Henry asks some Captain Obvious questions, like “Wait, Dr. Whale/Frankenstein isn’t in my book of fairy tales. How did he come to be under the curse?” Never mind that we’ve all been wondering this since October, but whatever.

I have mixed feelings about the show expanding beyond its fairy tale universe. I mean, where does it stop? Will we meet Sherlock Holmes? Oliver Twist? Beowulf? On one hand, it could be an interesting plot progression as we learn just how powerful Rumple/Regina’s magic is – is it so dark, it can go outside of Fairy World? On the other hand, I want to beg Edward and Adam to please learn from Lost and keep it simple. Adding more characters is a headache and keeping track of how they all relate to each other and the plot becomes more work than fun.

Obviously, I know all this because I am an accomplished screenwriter (<— this is called “lying on your resume,” kids, and I don’t recommend it).

Downton Abbey (Season 3, Episode 3, aired 1/20/13)
In a nutshell: This was just a boring episode. And not just like not exciting, but like I would have rather been boring a screw into my skull. No one likes Tom! Bates is still in jail! Daisy is awkward in love! 

One bright spot was Edith. You proceed, woman! (Anyone remember that commercial?!) I am generally not Team Edith, but I have to say, I am energized by her resolve to keep moving forward. She does, in fact, get up for breakfast. She waxes poetic about women not having the right to vote and sends a strongly worded letter to the newspaper, which ends up being published, which ruffles her father’s feathers. According to previews for next week, it looks like she becomes a regular writer for the paper. And here is where I start looking for Julian Fellowes hiding in my house. Evidence: 1) Like Edith, I am not married at an age when many (most?) of the women I know are. 2) Guys, what is a blog but an updated Op-Ed, amiright? 3) I did write for our local newspaper a couple years ago, plus some smaller newspapers after college. So if you need me, I’ll be answering to “Lady Edith” from now on.

The Office (“Customer Loyalty,” aired 1/24/13)
In a nutshell: Toby (thinks he) has a girlfriend, Dwight inexplicably pursues Darryl and Erin pretends that Pete is just a friend.

We need to talk about our good friends Jim and Pam and possibly hold an intervention. But as is probably the case in real-life marriages, their situation is so complex, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Yay for Jim for following his dream in Philly, but it seems like neither of them thought through the consequences of him going ahead and her and the kids staying behind. Think it though, people. Also, do we need to be worried about that Brian guy who rushed to comfort Pam toward the end there? It was a little bit fun to see the camera crew – sometimes we forget that The Office is supposed to be a show within a show.

But still, I am nervous. Get it together, guys!

Honorable Mentions
Parenthood: Who the H has a season finale in January? Hank’s bombshell = me screaming at the TV, “Everybody does not love Raymond!”
The Neighbors: Yes, I watch this and you should be, too. The John Hughes subtext was adorable and Judd Nelson at the end was icing on the cake.
Modern Family: Phil as The Godfather. Comedic gold right there. Also, I have never seen The Godfather. Is this a cultural crime?
30 Rock: “You’ve got Lemon, make lemonade.” Let’s start working this into everyday conversation. And my inner seven-year-old was just delighted with the wink to Willy Wonka.

Thursday is my Friday this week, so Happy Weekend, all! Stay warm and (channel) surf wisely.

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