SPOILER ALERT: This can’t wait until Thursday

I gave myself a nice little three-day weekend. I had my oil changed, played with my nephew and looked at some houses (what? Yes, that is what grown-ups do. They think about buying a house and chicken out all in the same breath). It was a productive weekend, interspersed with plenty of lazy moments.

And then today brought with it a pounding headache and scratchy throat. Which just further confirms my suspicions that I am allergic to Mondays.

So I was going to wait until this week’s TV Thursday post, but Downton Abbey was a game-changer last night. If you haven’t seen Sunday night’s episode (#4 of this season), any of season three or if you’ve never seen Downton Abbey but plan to, I am going to say something that no good blogger should ever say and that is: STOP READING THIS POST. Go find a video of kittens or hunt down a new Ryan Gosling meme. Reorganize your Pinterest boards. Watch Les Miserables before it leaves the theaters. But for the love of British television, skip this post.

(And if you’ve managed to see the rest of season 3 already, please – oh, please – keep it to yourself.)


Um. TEARS. I did not even have words for a long time after the episode ended. As I posted on Facebook, “I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. Over fictional characters.”

I was not expecting this at all. Thomas sobbing by the stairs. Cora weeping by the bed. The Dowager Countess also looking like she had been punched in the stomach.

Oh, Sybil. Mrs. Hughes was right. The sweetest soul in the house is no more.

I have read (too?) many recaps this morning and there’s not a lot I can add that others haven’t said more eloquently. If you have time, and if literary criticism of TV shows is like crack to you, then I encourage you to check out the Rolling Stone recap, LA Times recap and – just for fun – Melanie Shankle’s post over on PW Entertainment.

I am so sad Sybil died. Almost like my own sister had died! And yet, from a literary perspective, I can appreciate this twist. Sybil’s death will be the catalyst for some serious changes at our favorite fictional estate:

Choosing the wrong doctor just might be the biggest crack in Robert’s armor to date. Lord Grantham is crumbling, mark my words.
What will happen to Cora and Robert? I’m not so confident their marriage can survive this.
How will this affect Mary and Matthew’s attempts to start their own family? Matthew’s awkward conversation with the doctor shed some light on his and Mary’s issues getting pregnant, so I’m wondering if they’ll raise their niece.
Or… is Tom going to keep the baby? Will he try and go back to Ireland? Somehow I can see him abandoning her because she reminds him too much of Sybil. Or because Lord Grantham forces him out.
I would really love to see a reconciliation happen between Mary and Edith. Even though Mary spurned Edith’s peace offering, I hope she realizes she only has one sister left so she better make her count.

So many questions. So few episodes left (I’m told the season finale is Feb. 17! Too soon! Too soon!).

Your turn! Be honest, how many boxes of Kleenex did you need? Will Tom stay or go? How will the Crawleys survive this?!

(Keep the comments spoiler-free! See, I made a funny there because I never get any comments. But seriously. Spoilers will be deleted.)

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2 thoughts on “SPOILER ALERT: This can’t wait until Thursday

  1. Ohhh I definitely cried TEARS. It was awful. Even though Sybil dying is horribly sad, what hit me in my gut is how things like this happen to real people, and that is why I cried. They did a little too good of a job. I am just as baffled as to how the series will continue, but you are right- definite change is coming.

  2. Yes! I think you nailed it… it's one of the few TV shows (that I watch anyway) where you know things like this actually DO happen. It's been bugging me why I felt so much empathy over this episode so thanks for pointing it out! 🙂

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