For an easy winter hairstyle, just add snow!

Today’s hair tutorial, aptly titled the Snow Queen, is brought to you by Winter.

 To achieve this look, you will need one (1) snowfall.


1) Wash and style your hair as you normally would, but avoid heavy application of hair product. Make sure you’re running a little bit late, too, so that your hair will still be slightly damp in places after you make a feeble attempt at blowing it dry, only to give up as the minutes keep ticking.

2) Run a brush through your locks quickly, and run out the door. Resist the temptation to put a hat on. Grab an old towel or broom to brush snow off your car. This step is optional, since the blowing wind may make such an endeavor fruitless anyway. Make sure that plenty of snow – both from the sky and the car – lands in your hair.

3) Once you’re done clearing off your car, hop in, check your tresses in the mirror to make sure there’s plenty of white stuff on top – and I don’t mean dandruff. You should already be late for work, so do not stop to brush the snow off your head at this point.

4) Drive – carefully, because people in this city forget how to drive in the snow, even when the last snow was a mere month ago – to work, reminding yourself to run a brush through your hair before you go into the office.

5) Once you’ve parked, completely forget this step and rush to your cubicle to clock in like the free-wheelin’ gal (or long-haired guy) that you are.

6) Sometime during the morning, or perhaps even around lunchtime, you will need to use the restroom, since you’ve been drinking water all morning like it’s your job. When you get to the point of your bathroom journey where you’re washing your hands, take a few minutes to check yourself out in the mirror.

If your layers are sticking out in every direction, the hair on top has kind of shellacked on to your skull and your bangs are lying flat against your forehead, then CONGRATULATIONS! You, my friend, are a Snow Queen (or King).

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