And spinsters get up for breakfast.

What is this, a TV blog now? (said in my best “Is this a kissing book?” voice.) I don’t even know, you guys. But I love TV and I love writing, so when those two things get together and have a baby, this is what happens.

Here’s what I watched this week! Please be warned that there may be spoilers. I’ve listed the episode I watched so you can read or avoid at your own discretion.

Once Upon a Time (The Outsider, Season 2, Episode 11 – aired 1/13/13)
In a nutshell: Belle goes on an adventure, and Hook continues wearing eyeliner. 

Was this not the most unintentionally hilarious episode in a long time? Example: Henry calling Archie’s office just to hear his voice on the machine.

Archie (on machine): You’ve reached the office of Archibald Hopper. I’m either with a patient…  

Henry: Or dead. 


Or the look on Gold’s when Belle tries to talk him out of killing Hook on in the invisible ship. I half expected Gold to wail, “But he STOLE my TOY!”

I am not crazy about Emilie de Ravin as Belle (every time I look at her, all I can hear is Claire. “My baaaaaaayyyybeeeeeee!”), but I like the independent, adventurous streak that Belle showed in this episode.

Downtown Abbey (Episode Two, Season 3 – aired 1/13/13)
In a nutshell: It’s Edith’s Wedding Day!

Or is it? I’m bummed but not surprised Lady Edith was (SPOILER ALERT NOT EVEN JOKING) left at the altar, but I’m also a little relieved for her. Marrying Spineless, Flip-Flopping Anthony to be his nurse for the rest of his life… surely, Edith, there are fates better than this. On the other hand, I get it. Both her sisters are married and her clock is ticking. Might as well take the first old man who comes along so she can work out some daddy issues AND find her place among the Marrieds. Two birds, one stone. Sadly, it did not end that way for her and while I rolled my eyes when she shooed her sisters out of her room (“Go away! I can’t even look at you! You’re married!”), my also-single heart understood her pain. And, I daresay, I even admired her by the end of the episode. Whether she was accepting and sealing her fate as an Unmarried Forever, or accepting that life sometimes sucks and one just needs to soldier on, her best line was: “And spinsters get up for breakfast.” See also, Lucy’s new life mantra.

Blue Bloods – generally speaking (no spoilers on episodes that have already aired)
In a nutshell: I want to be a Reagan. Preferably by marriage. I’m looking at YOU, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). 

But it is Donnie Whalberg’s Danny who is my secret favorite. He’s stubborn and unorthodox and drives his partners crazy. His marriage to Linda is solid and one of the most realistic I’ve seen on TV as they juggle work (he’s a detective, she’s a nurse), family, bills and well, life. I am worried about him, though, because from the previews last week, it looks like he gets arrested this week. I mean, I’m not terribly nervous because his dad is in charge of all the police officers and his sister is a district attorney and this is a family show and one time one of Danny’s kids ended up in the hospital after hitting his head on the pavement and it was all resolved in under 60 minutes, but still. DANNY, WHAT DID YOU DO? Love, your nail-biting sister-in-law.

Well, that was fun, and now you get to chime in! What are you watching these days? Do you feel sorry for Edith or do you think she had it coming? Comment away!

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