30 in ’13. Except not.

It is New Year’s Eve and it is snowing. I am sitting at my dining room table, listening to the washing machine chug away and pondering what to have for lunch (this, probably, since I know my eating habits are why the internet was created). I have spent the last two days watching reruns of The West Wing on Netflix, and so now I am talking and thinking like Aaron Sorkin and I are BFFs. In other words, I give myself ridiculously long and emotionally charged monologues about the importance of brushing my teeth.

I am not so much for resolutions, partly because they tend to flop by January… oh, 9th or so, and partly because making more generalized goals leaves them more open to interpretation. I’m sneaky in that way. Also, I am turning the big…. uh… ahem….. cough……. blurgh… sniffle… hack…. 3-0… UGH… this year! (Yes, yes, I have almost weaned myself off of saying “I’m turning 29 for the second time” but it’s taking some getting used to. Just bear with me here as I come to grips with my mortality.) (This is the part where my post-30 friends roll their eyes, scoff at my youth and assure me that it’s not all that bad. Guys, calm down. I know. Just let me have my theatrics.)

(12 hours later)

So I had grand plans to create a “30 in ’13 Generalized List of Goals” but that fell apart when I couldn’t come up with anything past 20 and one of the items on the list was “buy a cheese grater.” Clearly, I have high hopes for 2013.

Here are a few things I hope to see happen in the next year, though:

Take more pictures. In 2010, I made this a goal and WON. In 2012, I did not make this a goal and all I have to show for (and of) myself is about five pictures. LAME. Self, if you want to remember things, writing isn’t always going to cut it. Whip out that camera, lady! And – friends, you will need to help me with this – I would like to be in more pictures. I’m usually the one behind the camera because I’m too insecure to be in front of it. Time to get over that.

Save, save, save. Look, I cannot emphasize enough how tired I am of moving. I am a nomad, which sounds romantic, but is actually annoying, especially with all the Rubbermaids that come along with it. Therefore, I declare that 2013 will be the year of Saving Money To Buy A House So I Can Stop Moving Already. 
Stop using the word “very.” I don’t even know where this came from. I read an article or something somewhere that condemned the use of the word “very,” and my little English major heart was convicted. I should also probably stop using words like “actually,” “really,” “seriously,” “like” and “also” – my go-to filler words. There are so many other lovely words at my disposal – they should get a workout too.
Refinish my kitchen table and chairs. This is a lofty goal because I’m not entirely sure what “refinishing” means.
Find a new church. Nothing sordid to share here, just time to move on and find a place that’s a better fit. For the record, I had an excellent meeting with a pastor at my old church about why I was leaving. I can honestly say I’m leaving with a clear conscience and on good terms.
And buy a cheese grater. Obviously.
Happy New Year, friends! May 2013 be the best yet!
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