The (sometimes awesome, sometimes ugly) truth about being single

Here are some fun things about being single:

You can talk out loud to the TV without anyone looking at you funny.
You can ruin test new Pinterest recipes without ruining someone else’s dinner.
The remote is mine, all mine. My precioussssssssssssssss.
It’s easier (maybe?) to stick to a routine, stay organized and keep things clean.
Three words: My own bathroom. Amen and amen.
A little more wiggle room in my schedule.
The only person I really am responsible for is myself.

Here are some less fun things about being single:

There is no one to laugh at your (obviously) hilarious commentary about Shark Tank.
Sometimes life becomes about Sticking To The Routine and less about investing in people. Danger, Will Robinson!
It’s impossible to find a roommate because all the people looking for a room to rent are in college or fresh out of it. I know that makes me sound like an ageist, but let’s be real here… life at 22 and life at 29 are two very different things.
Being demoted from “friend” to “babysitter” by your married peers. Did they forget I’m still a person?
It’s lonely – I’d gladly trade a little free time for a little more people time.
I really hate taking the trash out.
I am the only person really looking out for myself.

Just setting the record straight.

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