Because a thankful heart is a happy heart – Days 9-13

Well these last few thankfuls got away from me there. I wish I could tell you I’ve been busy feeding the poor and healing the sick but alas, I had a few days off from work and felt it was important to spend some quality time with the Netflix. Those new episodes of Switched at Birth aren’t just going to watch themselves, friends.

Anyway, on with days 9-13 of things I’m thankful for. If you’re just now joining the party, you can catch up on previous days here:
Day 9 – I’m thankful for being able to work where I do. I always feel a little guilty being thankful for work when I know so many people are struggling to find employment. So I don’t take it lightly or for granted that I have a way to support myself. I love how the company takes good care of its employees and I have met and made friends with some pretty cool people in the office. Plus, how many people get to read the comics for a living? I mean, I am basically a nerd dude’s dream come true right there. 
Day 10 – This dude. 
Seriously, this kid is the greatest and the cutest but you’ll just have to take my word for it. We wrestle and dance and play and read Curious George (over and over and over again) and drum on any available surface we can find. I’m thankful for the times I get to spend with my nephew – Auntie Lu loves you, buddy!
Day 11 – I’m thankful for all of our military who work tirelessly to protect us, both at home and overseas. I know that’s not a decision they entered into lightly and I’m grateful for the fine men and women who have taken it upon themselves to serve, protect and defend. I’m also forever indebted to their family members, who also pay a price for having their loved one away from home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Day 12 – I’m thankful to have a roof over my head. I get frustrated sometimes because I feel like I’m always moving from one apartment or house to the next, but I really I am glad for all the places I’ve lived, however temporary they’ve been. It’s comforting to have a tiny little corner of the world to call my own, for however long I end up there. And in completely unrelated news, I’ll need a roommate in a couple of months… so talk to your lady friends and get back with me. Please and thank you.
Day 13 – OK, you need to know that in addition to catching up with Switched at Birth this weekend, I also went on a Glee binge. I’m not proud of it the soap-fest I treated myself to, but I do love me some scripted spontaneous singing and dancing in high school halls. And also I just finished watching Broadway: The American Musical on PBS earlier this week. And about 93% of the songs on my mp3 player are show tunes. What I’m trying to get at here is that I’m thankful for the arts. I know, I know, in economies like this, the arts are usually among the first to suffer, so maybe I’m in the minority here. But I’m a firm believer that the arts help us understand who we are
For instance, I’ve been obsessed with The Sound of Music lately. Just the other day, I listened to Edelwiess approximately 43 times in a row as I drove on the streets of a city I have grown up in, cried and loved and lost and gotten lost and gotten jobs and lived and gotten stitches and dined and shopped and run into friends and fallen off my bike and skinned my knee and made mistakes and learned lessons and parked my car (and wrecked my car) in. Somehow, listening to a song about the national flower of Austria made me feel so very much at home, thousands of miles away in the Midwest of America. Our lives are fundamentally about relationships, and enjoying or performing in the arts give us a way to process our complex emotions and better engage with and relate to the people and the world around us – and I think that’s just as important as learning the circulatory system or how to balance a checkbook. 
And that’s how Lu “C”s it (For my more mature readers, this is what the kids call a Glee reference. Carry on). 
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