Because a thankful heart is a happy heart – Days 24 and 25

Well, that was a good weekend. And I did not spend all of it in my pajamas, as has been the trend around here lately. Ok, most of it, maybe, but baby steps, people. Baby steps.

So, post-Thanksgiving is traditionally the beginning of Christmas mania for me, but I’m just not feeling it yet. I mean, okay, yes, I may have already pulled out some Christmas decorations yesterday, and yes, I may or may not have gone to Hobby Lobby to buy some pretty scrapbook paper that will eventually become a Christmas garland (similar to the “Give Thanks” garland I made earlier this month) and yes, it’s possible that I queued White Christmas into my Netflix rotation this morning. But other than that… not Nope. Not at all. Not one bit. It won’t really be Christmas season for me until I can no longer fight the compulsion to watch Elf. If I haven’t watched it by Dec. 1, send candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. 
But November is not over yet, so on we go with the thankfuls!
Day 24 – I ended up spending part of my Saturday with my aunt – we went to a craft fair and then out to eat.  I’m thankful for my Aunt P. – she is generous (often paying for lunch and stocking my kitchen with pretty dishes and handy utensils!) and always invested in my and my brothers’ lives. Now that I’m an aunt myself, I’m grateful to have a good example of aunthood and hope that the little dude thinks I’m as awesome as she is. We love you, Auntie P!
Day 25 –  Today, I’m thankful for unproductively productive weekends. I started out yesterday thinking I would wrap up all my Christmas decorating today. I had visions of cutting out the aforementioned pretty scrapbook paper while watching the also aforementioned White Christmas, with a piping warm mug of hot chocolate somewhere nearby. Instead, today I got sidetracked in the kitchen. My house (and my sweatshirt) smells like cilantro and my eyes are still watering from chopping a yellow onion and half a red onion. The green onions are just going to have to wait. Since I know you’re going to ask, I have Tex-Mex Chicken in the crock pot and Cilantro-Thai Chicken marinating in the fridge. They’ll eventually be part of Fiesta Lime Rice Bowls and some Lucy-fied version of Pad Thai, respectively. If you are thinking you should probably invite yourself over for dinner this week, you would be correct. I am probably making way too much food for one person and I definitely did not coordinate my cooking schedule well, but oh well. I love learning in the kitchen and I’m grateful for freezers to help keep my inner culinary overachiever from wasting too much food. 😉 (And because I had to wash my hands so often after handling onions and raw chicken – I’m grateful – so grateful – for lotion!)
Have a lovely last week of November, friends!
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