Because a thankful heart is a happy heart – Days 1-4

Tell me you don’t have Madame Blueberry stuck in your head now.

Because a thankful heart is a happy heart
I’m glad for what I have
That’s an easy way to start…

You are WELCOME.

Anyway, friends, I have had a sour heart lately and one of the best antidotes I know is to be thankful. So, in the spirit of thankfulness and of jumping on the bandwagon-ness, I thought I would spend the month posting the things I am thankful for – one for each day of November. I doubt this means I will post every day, but if when I get behind, I’ll make up for it with the next post. Bonus – flexing my writing muscles! It’s a win-win thing, really.

So today is the fourth, which means I will list FOUR thankful things.

I’ve been dealing with some Health Issues lately (oh yes, I have become a person with health issues. Just throw me in a nursing home and call me “grandma.”) and they’ve taken up the bulk of my mental and emotional energy the last two or three months… so my first four thankfuls are health-related, but I promise to be thankful for other things in the next post! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Also, yes, I’m fine now, and no, I’m not dying.)

1) I’m thankful to live so close to an excellent medical system. From urgent care to the surgeon’s office (not even joking), the staff was friendly and sympathetic. The doctors and nurses I met with were patient and thorough in answering my questions and making sure I was receiving appropriate care. And whenever I said, “I’m hard of hearing, I need to see your face when you talk,” their response was generally, “OK, cool.” And they knew how to talk to me. Not, “Ohhh… ummmm…. OK……. well… uhhhhh…. <mumbles>… should I talk louder? Or like you’re a stupid person? What?” 

2) I’m thankful for my family members who helped me out with Health Issue #1 – my aunt and my brother for staying over with me (and helping me with bizarre requests, like “Can you walk me to the bathroom,” or “Help, I can’t sleep laying down!”), my dad for hanging out with me, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew for yummy dinner and walking to the park, my cousin who brought over more tasty food (and most importantly, CHERRY COKE!) and finally my mama who came over just about every day during my recovery so I wouldn’t go stir-crazy, but Mom needs her own entry! I’m also thankful for the friends who stopped by with food and conversation – it was such a relief to not have to fend for myself all week! You guys rock!

3) I’m thankful for my mama taking care of me! So I had a really terrible night at the onset of Health Issue #1. Like, I wanted to go to the ER terrible. The only thing that held me back was my extreme thriftiness. Some people might call this being cheap, but I like to call it trying not to be poor. Anyway, ER visits cost WAY more than Urgent Care visits so after dry heaving, not-so-dry-heaving, pacing the floor and not sleeping all night, I finally texted my mom and asked her to come over and take me to the doctor. She came over at 8am on a Monday, you guys, and didn’t leave until the next morning. Now that is dedication… and proves that no matter how old you are, you always need your mom. 

4) Really, I don’t want to be cheesy or super holy here, but I am thankful for all the ways I could see the Lord’s hand in the Health Issues of 2012. Look, it’s not a secret to many people that I have a hard time with church, which is really just an euphemism for, “I don’t know how to trust God sometimes.” Health Issues were hard, and unexpected and while relatively minor in the grand scheme of possible health disasters, still threw me for a Loop. But I cried when I realized that even when I didn’t see any of it coming, God did and already was taking care of me. For instance, remember I said Mom came over on Monday and stayed all day? A few days before that, someone else had asked her to come over and help them with their kids that Monday, but Mom decided to turn them down. She told me later she didn’t know why at the time, because she didn’t have anything planned for Monday. She just felt in her heart it was the right thing to do – and we both feel it was the Lord clearing her schedule because He knew I would need some major Help that day, which reminded me that if He saw the beginning of Health Issue #1 coming, He would surely carry me through the rest of it. And really, that is just one way I saw God’s providence in the whole thing…. (super holy alert) Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” (John 21:25) (Easily – and maybe weirdly – one of my favorite verses. It sounds so C.S. Lewis-eqsue)

So that is what I’m thankful for today, November 4, 2012! How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Because a thankful heart is a happy heart – Days 1-4

  1. I just discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoyed browsing during nap time, and my nanny/mom break in the day ๐Ÿ™‚ If I lived in Kansas City I can see lots of fun reasons for us to be friends (though you may not, haha)! I can also see lots of similar interests among you and Hannah, making more friendship potential. Enjoyed our bridesmaid duties together, and getting to know you a bit!

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