Packing is such a bench

Remember a while ago, people were all about, “Ohmygawsh, she is such a witch-with-a-b!”? And it is possible that by “people,” I mean the 18-22 demographic that was obsessed with Gilmore Girls. Anyway, my college roommate at the time was very into pirates. She was in love with Capt. Jack Sparrow, observed “Talk Like a Pirate Day” like it was a national holiday and called us all “wenches.” All in good fun, of course. Well, one day, she was all wench this and wench that and not to be outdone, I put my English major to good use and lobbed one back at her. “Oh yeah?!” I retorted, “Well, you’re such a wench-with-a-b!”

And before I could congratulate myself for my stunning display of cleverness, she pointed out the obvious.
“So… I’m a bench?”

Oh, how we laughed.

I just shared all of that so that you will understand when I say that packing is a bench.

I’m moving across town in a few short weeks and oh my goodness, where did I get all of this stuff? And where does it all go? And who put all those boxes in my living room?

I was so excited the summer before I moved away for college that I packed, repacked, organized and reorganized my five boxes approximately 27 times. I was slightly less organized when I moved out of my parents’ house for another house post-college. And when I moved from that house into this place, I just randomly threw everything into the closest box. Which made packing easy but unpacking a beast.
I choose to not make unpacking a beast this time. Hence, the boxes. The boxes and the clothes and the desk and the notebooks and pens – oh, the pens – and the shoes and books and movies and hairbrushes and lotions and blankets and dishes and lids and pots and pans… all jammed into 500 square feet. 
So the moral of the story is basically that I have first world problems. 
And that blogging is an effective procrastination tool.
What’s your favorite packing tip? 
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