Peanut butter and jelly

FYI, I’m back blogging at Life Inside These Hearing Aids after all. You can read all about it here, but basically that blog is for hearing loss stuff. This one is for everything else. Follow one, follow both, follow the yellow brick road. Whatever floats your boat.

That’s not to say that hearing loss will never make an appearance here. I’m reading a book called House Rules right now, about a young man, Jacob, with Asperger’s. He describes it this way:

Once Theo [his brother] asked me if there was an antidote for Asperger’s, would I take it?
I told him no.
I am not sure how much of me is wrapped up in the part that Asperger’s. What if I lost some of my intelligence, for example, or my sarcasm? Would I be afraid of ghosts on Halloween instead of the color of the pumpkins? The problem is that I do not remember who I was without Asperger’s, so who knows what would remain? I liken it to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you peel apart. You can’t really get rid of the peanut butter without taking some of the jelly as well, can you?

(House Rules, p. 240)

So it is with hearing loss. If this blog is going to be the more personal one, there will at least be an echo of hearing loss in it.

And on that note, have you met my new friend Shannon? She blogs over at The Works of God Displayed and I love her posts about how to make church more accessible to those who live with disabilities. She has some great insights, not just into church and organization and special needs ministries, but into the Gospel as well. This is a lady who loves Jesus, folks, so if I were you, I’d run over and read her blog from header to footer!

Shannon was kind to let me guest post for her – she reposted an old post from Life Inside These Hearing Aids and you can read it here. I’ll be back over there later this summer with some more practical tips on how churches can be more accessible to those with hearing loss, so stay tuned!

Thanks for hosting me, Shannon!

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