They call me Loocee

As it turns out, time flies when you’re:

Small-group-ing Gospel Community-ing
Transcriptioning (which is totally not a word but I do what I want)
Going to the audiologist (which really just happened that one time today but whatevs)
Buying wedding and baby shower gifts (please don’t unfriend me on Facebook if I just give you a gift card. It’s a nerves-are-frayed issue on my end. xoxo)
Les Miz-ing (yes, I’m still on that. Hey, future husband, I hope you like musicals or at least come with a lifetime supply of earplugs)
And a lot of other random things in between, including eating out and NOT working out which, if we’re being honest, is kind of wonderful but also awful (sorry, future husband. I hope your love language includes Snickers bars). Can I get an amen, sista?

Oh hey, can we just talk about all the babies for a minute? I mean, there are so many of them. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head (and for those of you planning a smart aleck-y comment, none of them are mine). Mostly, they’re at church. I spend a lot of Sunday mornings helping corral them all. It’s fun. And exhausting. And sometimes lalala and sometimes OHMYGAWSH. Then I have a few friends who have delightful offspring who think it’s wonderful when Loocee (they call me this, it’s true) comes over to toss them in the air help watch the kids. There are many small children in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But friends, since this is my blog and I tend to overshare, here we go. I get that I kind of painted myself in a corner here with the lovely bunch of kiddos, and I really have only myself to blame for this but sometimes I feel like The Babysitter, you know? Not a Person or a Lady or even That Girl Who is Way Too Obsessed With Lost. No… just The Babysitter. Even better, The Single Babysitter – because we all know that single people have noooooooooooo life (she said, tongue firmly in cheek). 😉

It’s hard to find the balance. I do want to serve my church family well on Sunday mornings and I do want to be a good friends and help out during the week and I do genuinely enjoy watching the kids. But I also want to feel like a grown-up. I do have a life and priorities and bills and friends and work and need my own downtime from it all as well. It can be disheartening to feel people only want to know when you can babysit and not when you can come over for coffee. It’s tricky, this balance thing.

So also, I went to the audiologist today (I know, right? Smooth segues are obviously my spiritual gift, not really) because over the last few months, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to ask people to repeat themselves more and I’ve been turning the volume up on the TV and CD player (Whaaaaat, CD player? I am so old school) more than usual. I mean, hello, yes I know I am hard of hearing and that happens, but it was outside of what I’d come to know as “normal.” So I scheduled a hearing test and what-iffed my week away… silly, really. What if I was losing more hearing or needed a cochlear implant or new hearing aids? Meh. What, indeed? It wouldn’t be the end of the world, not in this day and age of technological advancement.

Of course, all my what-iffing was for naught, as it was really more of a “Srsly, you need to come in every six months so we can check on your hearing aid filters” issue than an “Oh snap how did you lose so much hearing in a short amount of time” kind of deal. In fact, the word he used to describe the hearing test was “stable.” So psh and eye-rolls to me… especially when I got back in the car and I had to turn the volume down for a change!

Also, today, I was reading The Internet – the story was about the Army Corps blowing up a levee in a Midwestern state. The headline got cut off, however, and instead implied that the Army plans to blow up Missouri. I just felt I should probably tell someone about that because I bet that’s the kind of thing that gets lost in the shuffle of royal weddings and dead terrorists.

(Graceful exits are also my spiritual gift, not really.)

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4 thoughts on “They call me Loocee

  1. Love this! I second the baby thing, we are having a boom at our church and this time I am not the culprit! We should go have coffee!

  2. I'm stealing your side comments about graceful exits and smooth segues for my personal blog. (On the special needs ministry one, I haven't fully yet my sarcasm out of the bag. You know, the whole trying-to-seem-legit-and-professional sort of thing. But don't worry, the wit will come.)

    I've lurked over here for a while, but I don't think I've commented before. I love your blog, Lucy. Would you be willing to guest post on The Works of God Displayed? Your comment on one of my posts ( made me want very much for you to write that sort of proposal as a blog post. Also, on a personal note, I know my church isn't very welcoming for people with hearing impairments, so I would love to pick your brain a little. I would love it if you could email me – shannon@theworksofgoddisplayed – thanks!!!

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