… is what they’re calling it in these here parts. Can anyone give me tips on how to photograph a blizzard?! This is the best I could do. Part of me hates posting pictures of where I live, but I decided to jump on the “I blog to preserve memories!” bandwagon, so… please don’t rob me. Thanks.

If the pictures look grainy, they’re not – that’s blowing snow! Ridiculous!

All day yesterday, they were really hyping this storm. Blizzard! State of Emergency! National Guard! 8-12 inches of snow! Blizzard! Warning! FEMA! Blizzard! Snow drifts! 20-40 mph winds! Blizzard!

So I got up at 6:00 this morning because I wanted to get into work as early as I could so that I could get back home before the worst of the storm hit. I wandered into the living room so I could peek out the window. I could not wait to see the wintry disaster I had been promised. So I opened the blinds and…

Nothing. The pavement was still black. The grass still brown. Nary a flake in sight.

“Pfffffffffffffffft,” I scoffed. “Blizzard, my arse!”

So I showered and dressed and got ready for the day. And kissed my dreams of a snow day goodbye. I peeked outside one more time before I left. It was still kind of dark but the pavement wasn’t looking so black anymore. There was definitely a dusting. Then I saw it. The snow was blowing – BLOWING – off the roof across from me.

Let the snowpocalypse begin!

I got to work about 7:30, only to find out at 8:00 that the office was closed for the day. Of course it was. But as long as I was there, I might as well get some work done. So I finished that up and was back home a little after 9:30. By then, the snow was maybe half an inch or an inch deep. Ish. Somewhere in there. And the wind was still going strong.

Then I realized there was no pop in my apartment. Normally, this doesn’t bother me. It’s intentional. Healthy eating and blah blah blah. But today, I really needed some Cherry Coke. And when the Cherry beckons, I don’t ask questions. So I bundled back up and walked to a nearby convenience store. I know, I am totally not the person to go out in a blizzard. I mean, when it is 40 degrees and sunny, I’m usually curled up on my couch, freezing. But you know, after two or three snowstorms in one month, you just kind of stop caring. So I channeled my inner Little House on the Prairie fortitude and braved the blizzard for some winter necessities:

The eggs and butter, of course, will eventually be chocolate chip cookies. Omnomnomnom.

So far I’ve done laundry, dishes, chatted with friends online, stalked the internet, watched the news for Blizzard!! footage, opened my blinds and watched the snow.

And that’s how I’m surviving Blizzard 2011! How about you?

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