I don’t know how they let me graduate

Eons ago, when I was taking classes at a community college (which, I’m sad to say, was nothing like Community), I got to know a couple of deaf girls and was chummy with my interpreters. It was not uncommon for all of us to hang out in the cafeteria/student union-esque area between classes. One day, an early class was cancelled, so we made plans to hit up a nearby Panera for breakfast.

We – a friend (let’s call her Carla), an interpreter (let’s say she’s Marla) and I – settled into our booth after placing our orders. Carla had brought some leftovers wrapped in foil and got up to use the microwave. Now, Carla was one of those people who is intelligent, straightforward, hilarious and a lot of fun to be around. But she was also a bit absent-minded. So as soon as she got up to warm her leftovers, I joked with Marla, “Do you think she knows that she’s supposed to take the foil off before she puts it in the microwave?” We chuckled, but our laughter trailed off as we realized it was not a far-fetched situation. Marla jumped up to educate Carla before she blew up Panera and a crisis was averted, as it turns out Carla was blissfully unaware of the contentious relationship between foil and microwave.

This is the story I was thinking of earlier this week, after I lined a cookie sheet with wax paper and stuck it in a preheated oven.

Clearly, community college failed us.

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2 thoughts on “I don’t know how they let me graduate

  1. Ahahahah. I have SO done this. Hilarious. But seriously, what the heck is wax paper for anyway. I should probably know since I have it…all I remember is ironing leaves in between two sheets of it….or crayons…which now makes me want to do that with McLean. Thanks for the reminder.

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