You should probably work out after reading this

My apartment smells like bacon. As in, omnomnomnomnom.

Before I forget, Speak Up Librarian asked for the cherry limeade recipe. I just combined two recipes from from Allrecipes and modified it to my own tastes.

The Culprits

1-2 tsp grenadine
A few maraschino cherries, plus a tsp or two of the syrup/juice/deliciousness it comes in
About a tablespoon and a half of frozen limeade concentrate
Sprite/Sierra Mist/7-Up/your favorite lemon-lime pop (it’s “pop” in these here parts. Not soda. Don’t start with me)
Lime wedge
A little bit of lime sherbet

The Directions (very complicated. Pay close attention.)

Dump all ingredients in a cup. Enjoy.

I know. I am so gourmet over here. I don’t really have an explanation as to why I felt it necessary to use both grenadine and maraschino cherry syrup. Except that my email handle used to be cherrylu and I have a wallet (or 12) that is covered in cherries. A lot of my kitchen items are cherry-themed. I hope you understand this pattern in my life.

But basically, do what you want with the recipe. Leave the limes out. Add extra sherbet. Use two cherries instead of eleventy-hundred. Whatevs. Your tastebuds, not mine.

If you wanted to make a whole pitcher of this or something, this recipe is a good guide for flavors-to-pop ratios.


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