Snow day!

I wish I had a really great picture of the snow that sent me home from work early today.

But alas, I’m not the photographer I make myself out to be in my head. I took a digital photography class once. I still don’t know what aperture is. And none of my Facebook friends have any snow pictures I can steal. Come on, guys, get with the program.

Anyway, here are some things that are good to do on a snow day:

Read. It expands the mind, you know.
Catch up on writing projects. Those deadlines aren’t going to meet themselves.
Pop in a Dancing With the Stars workout video. Those hips aren’t going to sway themselves.
Catch up on laundry and run the dishwasher. It’s what responsible grownups do.
Clean/organize your living space. Another one of those grownup things.

However, here is what I have done so far:

Had lunch. The snow made me hungry.
Watched an episode of Mad Men.
Stared out the window.
Attempted a snow picture.
Determined they were all grainy.
Or made it too obvious where I lived.
I don’t want any real-life stalkers, you know.
Contemplated a nap.
Went on the internet instead.
Checked the clock to see if Jeopardy! is on yet.
It’s not.
Contemplated working on writing project.
Decided that was silly, as the deadline is two whole weeks away. Plenty of time.
Does that make me a “creative type?”
Finally found snow picture (I stole it from my friend Melissa’s facebook. You need a blog, woman!)

It’s still not time for Jeopardy!
I should probably go think about what to tell the Department of Justice.
(That makes me sound like I belong on The West Wing.)
(I miss Josh Lyman.)
You should write to the DOJ, too.
Just sayin’.

Happy Snow Day!

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